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Version: 1.0 BETA 3.04

MyMail is an advanced mailing list script built using PHP and MySQL. Even though MyMail is still in BETA stages it is extremely stable and able to send your emails out to your list. Some of MyMail's advanced functions are; Server Load Manager, Full archive System, Import/Export Function, Email validation, List Clean, Welcome messages, easy unsubscribe and many more. MyMail requires a server with MySQL and PHP. MyMail works with both PHP3 and PHP4 although we have not thoroughly tested with PHP3. MyMail is even better because it can run on Windows servers aswell as Unix/Linux servers.

The Best thing about MyMail is that it's absolutely free when it shouldn't be. We're offering you a professionally made mailing list script for FREE. You can support us by donating via paypal. This way we can keep developing this already free script and keep it free.

Download: Click here to download MyMail


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