Access Keys

At we try to provide an as accessible site as possible. Therefore, we have created access keys so that you can more easily access pages on our site. Access keys allow you to press Alt + 'Access Key' on Windows, or Ctrl + 'Access Key' on Macs, to access certain places on our pages. Below is a list of predefined access keys that you can use.

Main Menu

These access keys allow you to go directly to the links in the main menu at the top of the screen. The link is listed followed by the access key:

  • Home - 'h'
  • Articles - 'a'
  • Scripts - 's'
  • Forums - 'f'
  • Contact Us - 'c'

Other Access Keys

Some other places on PHPNerds will have access keys defined, predominately, forms. These are different for every field on the form, hence, we have provided an underline underneath the letter used as the access key on our forms.


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