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by Peter McNulty - 2005-02-06
Cookies enabled web developers to produce more usable sites, by allowing temporary storage of commonly used information by the user. This can be beneficial in shopping carts, user logon systems and general site usage. Read on to find out how to use cookies and how to implement a simple user logon system.
by Peter McNulty - 2005-01-26
A contact form or an email form is often a critical part of a website, in allowing users to contact you regarding one or more issues. This article aims to help you produce a secure contact form, and at the same time, try to reduce the amount of spam you will receive from it.
by Peter McNulty - 2005-01-08
Nowadays, PHP programmers generally use databases such as MySQL to do everything, however, every programmer should at least know the basics of reading and writing to files - that IS what a database does. Come read an all you need to know introduction to file handling.
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